Kurow Wools Ltd

Kurow Wools Ltd are Registered Private Wool Merchants with over 31 years of experience, we are also members of The Federation of New Zealand Wool Merchants and Members of Woolfirst Group.

Situated in the heart of a major wool producing area with experienced staff that are always willing to assist in all aspects of your wool and its sale for the best possible nett price.


Kurow Wools working for farmer wool producers, marketing your wool to your best advantage.

About Us

Kurow Wools

Kurow Wools is a family owned and operated business established in 1989 by Don and Olivia Urquhart. Prior to starting Kurow Wools they were long term merino wool producers. Don is also a registered Merino Wool Classer with many years of experience.

Operating for 31 years

Two Lyco Wool Presses for Hire

Take a look at our efficient and friendly staff

Don Urquhart - Principal

Joseph Collins - Buyer & Logistics Manager

Olivia Urquhart - Director & Office (Data entry & recording)

Robertina Collins - Office

Joe Collins - Buyer & Logistics Manager


Kurow Wools Ltd

Sell on your behalf - Core Test wool - Offer to all leading exporters via Online Electronic Tender.

Kurow Wools Ltd
This system is rapidly growing into the Rolls Royce of selling
Kurow Wools Ltd

Honest market information available free of charge to all clients.

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Kurow Wools Ltd